I am a yoga teacher (E-RYT 500, RPYT, YACEP, Certified Yogahour Teacher) and Partner at Realignment Studio in Washington, D.C.  A writer, athlete and former dancer my classes are accessible, artful and challenging.  My classes aim to increase your range of motion, flexibility and strength of body and mind.

My Story


Growing up in Texas my mom always called me the little girl with a curl.  The nursery rhyme goes “For when she was good she was very good, but when she was bad she was horrid.”  In other words, I grew up a hot head.

As a child and into my early adult years my creative outlets of dance and writing brought forth the best in me, but my strong competitive nature and focused career ambitions kept me playing the line as that little girl with a curl.

I moved to Washington, D.C. in 1999 ready to change the world one issue at a time as a Congressional Aide.  Turns out congress does not pay much so I started teaching a dance workout class at the local gym.  I received a complimentary membership and had an outlet to sweat and de-stress after work.  One day the gym offered to pay my way for yoga training.  Day one of training was my first yoga class.  I was resistant to even remove my shoes, but by the end of the training I was eager to keep learning…and share whatever I could with others. 

Yoga joins my need to move and strengthen my body while tapping into a calmer state of being.  That little girl with a curl spunk is still in me (and very present in my daughters), but thankfully now I’ve got a big yoga toolkit. 

By 2008 I transitioned out of politics to concentrate my voice in yoga.  I grew a thriving yoga community as co-owner of Capitol Hill Yoga from 2009-2015 and supported our local business community as Executive Director of CHAMPS, Capitol Hill's Chamber of Commerce from 2016-2017.  Currently, I am Partner of Realignment Studio, a yoga, meditation and wellness center on Capitol Hill where I maintain a regular class and workshop schedule.

In my first yoga class I learned the names and shapes of poses.  That was enough.  Later I learned how to access greater muscle tone and flexibility in the yoga poses.  Little by little more opens.  And still today I continue to learn and teach others how the poses give me confidence and compassion to live this life fully - one breath, one practice, and one day at a time.


Nuts and Bolts Bio

Betsy Poos (E-RYT 500, RPYT, YACEP) has been teaching yoga on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. since 2005. A familar face in the neighborhood, Betsy brings her love for community building and local business expertise as Partner at Realignment Studio (a yoga, meditation and wellness studio). 

A writer, athlete and former dancer her classes are equal parts accessible, artful, and challenging.  Betsy's classes aim to increase your range of motion, flexibility and strength of body and mind.  She has taught well over 4,000 hours of yoga classes and is proud to maintain the highest level of training and teaching experience recognized by Yoga Alliance, including expertise in personalized sessions and pre/postnatal training.

Betsy lives near Eastern Market with her four most influential teachers; her incredibly patient husband, two strong willed daughters, and lovable boston terrier.


  • I was a lapsed runner, basketball player, and triathlete who found it impossible to get into a sustainable exercise routine after starting my own business. Betsy taught me a 60-minute, yoga-inspired routine that’s challenging, sweaty, and satisfying, and I’ve been doing it three times per week for seven months now. They don’t call ‘er Boot Camp Betsy for nothin’! –Paul Rivas, Athlete & Small Business Owner

  • My husband got me a series of postpartum sessions with Betsy and it was the perfect gift! Starting at four weeks postpartum, Betsy came once a week to my home at a time that worked in my schedule and between nursing sessions, making it easy for me to focus on me and not my baby. She adapted each session according to how I was feeling that day and what we had worked on the previous week, incorporating cardio, strength, yoga, weights, and flexibility exercises. We even went outside on nice days! Not only is Betsy an excellent trainer, she's fun and relaxing to be around. I looked forward so much to our sessions that I added a few more onto the package. I can't recommend Betsy highly enough. As someone who relies on daily exercise to feel like myself, it's the perfect way to ease back into movement and fitness after having a baby. Hire her now! - Becca, Postpartum Wellness Client

  • Betsy is a great yoga instructor for the staff at St. Coletta. She caters to various levels of yoga experience by providing modifications to make poses more or less challenging. Betsy is both professional and friendly. She is great to work with! – Chloe Harrell, Operations Manager of St. Coletta of Greater Washington

  • Betsy's classes are great!  I've had back issues and she has been careful to make adjustments for me so I can do the class safely.  Each class has a bit of everything -- stretch, strength and movement -- so it's all the best benefits of yoga in one class.   Great addition to workout routine. – Rebecca, Yoga At Work Client

  • Betsy's postnatal strengthening and pelvic floor sessions were an important first step to returning to wellness following the birth of my second child. I wanted a more gradual return to physical activity this time around and these sessions were perfect for me because they focused on pelvic floor rehabilitation, something that is much harder to find in workout or yoga classes. I know feel like I know something beyond just doing kegels. I loved that Betsy came to my home because I probably wouldn't have made it to these sessions if they were at a studio. Even as a longtime yogi, I found it valuable to have an instructor correct poses. I feel much more prepared to start more strenuous activity and returning to running now. Betsy is a wonderful teacher and is very comfortable soothing a crying baby. I'm so glad I took this time for myself and definitely recommend for other new moms. - Paige, Postpartum Wellness Client


Training Highlights

  • 2018 - Yin Yoga Intensive with Yael Flusberg

  • 2015 – Yoga Birth Prenatal Teacher Training RPYT 85 with Heather Brown

  • 2015 – The Science of the Private Lesson with Francesca Cervero

  • 2014 – Certified Yogahour Teacher Intensive with Darren Rhodes & Brigette Finley

  • 2013 – Yogahour Training with Darren Rhodes, Brigette & Alexis Finley

  • 2012 – Advanced Teacher Development with Noah Mazé and Christina Sell

  • 2010 – Anusara Yoga Certification Track RYS 500

  • 2010 – Yoga for Two Prenatal Teacher Training with Mary Barnes

  • 2009 – Willow Street Yoga RYS 200 Teacher Training with Suzie Hurley

  • 2008 – Anusara Yoga Immersion with Kate Miller

  • 2005 – Living Yoga Program RYS 200 Teacher Training

  • 1999 – The University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Arts in Government