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Foot Day

Each night during our bedtime routine I tell Stella the day of the week and we talk about her day.  Lately Stella has renamed the days of the week to body parts…and yesterday was apparently foot day.  Fitting.  I had a full on pitty day for me. The morning started just fine as I kicked off my challenge to complete 7 yoga classes within 7 days at my studio right after dropping Stella at her preschool for her first day as a panty wearing 3 year old.  After class I headed across the street to our great taco joint to pick up an early lunch.  Just after I paid I remembered I had leftovers at home and I'd just overspent $10 of the family budget.  Ugg - I gave myself a mental dig.  Stop wasting money.  First blow.

Second blow - I opened the business mail and found a $150 bank fee I was not informed about.  I then spent the remaining part of my "work" day dealing with the bank and forgetting to eat any lunch be it the leftovers at home or the extra purchased lunch.

Somewhat resolved I picked up Stella at school and vowed to myself to "be happy, not sad" as she reminds me and Jason plenty, but it just wasn't in the cards.  Stella and I had little snag after snag at home and by the time she was off to sleep I was still irritated and picking on Jason.  Third, fourth, and fifth blow.

I just couldn't pull it together and wanted to have a full on tantrum by the end of the day.  When I write it out its like wow nothing was individually that bad and even all together not all that bad and some days I could have come out as a jolly belly day, but not this time.  It was just a sorry, stinky, ugly foot day.