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A President's Day to Remember

"There's Aladdin.  I see Ariel.  And Belle, and…." said Stella wondrously as Disney magic came to life for her at Verizon Center in DC's Chinatown.  Stella absolutely loved it and I couldn't have loved Jason more for urging us to go.  It was one of those days and moments I'll always remember seeing the sparkle of delight in Stella's big city adventure. The back story of it all being that I have a ridiculous head cold and have lost my voice.  Just trying to order a muffin at the coffee shop after the show to keep our adventure going was a show.  And then as Jane was headed from her room downstairs for dinner last night she tripped on the steps and took a major tumble down the full flight.  Jason and I rushed to her side, everybody scared and teary eyed.  After a good cry and a through inspection Stella is physically fine - leaving mom and dad the more scarred.

Somehow we made it to bath time to realize amongst the day's excitement perhaps the biggest milestone was that Stella made it through the entire day in her big girl panties without a single accident (a first).  Another highlight for a day that might have dragged me along sick and exhausted, but never happier to be a part of Stella's bright-eyed world of wonder, edge, adventure…and at the end of the day routine hugs, kisses, and sweet dreams.