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On the daily....all you can do is what you can do. - Betsy Poos


This morning I went to yogahour at my studio.  From the first pose I knew we were practicing sequence 3.  I am currently memorizing the entire 21 page script to sequence 3.  And so for the first 10 minutes of class I was quizzing myself…internally reciting the script.  Even as I challenged myself in this manner I felt so comforted and taken care of within the structure.  Soon my memorization of the script faded and I took greater awareness of exactly what my body needed.  I love that in the repetition and routine of yogahour I have become more aware of how to practice. Running has taken a toll on the level of my asana practice.  Poses that were once easily accessible can make me whence in tightness.  Triangle, Revolved Triangle, Hero, Pigeon, Quad stretches, so on and so forth…wow, its all more difficult.  I need the familiarity of a practice that will let me breathe and settle with what is right now.

But my ego does resist the running/yoga trade off that is currently happening.  I sat down to figure out how I can keep both working for one another.  The answer came in a the form of a reminder that we do what we can for ourselves so that we may also give back to others.

This week I officially signed onto Team YoKid's Marine Corps Marathon 2014 partnership.  My marathon training itself is bringing together my dedication to running and yoga.  I'm honored to raise funds for this great organization founded by a local yoga colleague.  YoKid is committed to bringing yoga to under-served kids & teens. Yoga classes for kids & teens can be found on-site at schools, community centers, and youth friendly places in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

As a yoga teacher I tell my students to please practice.  Do it time and time again to keep moving forward.  As a student of running my training logs echo the same.  Get out there.  This run is about hours on your feet.  You've got this.

2014 feels big to me, and for the first quarter of the year I dove into being a runner, but I'm ready to swing back to a more balanced practice.  To be comforted in the routine of running and yoga.  To be comforted in the routine of day to day practice.  It'll take some forward planning, but it'll happen.