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On the daily....all you can do is what you can do. - Betsy Poos


Ok remember that last post about being authentic.  That post where I was internally (and I guess externally) reeling against yoga stereotypes and all.  Well I think I was actually breaking at that point.  One week later I've taken some positive lifestyle improvements.

The break started March 31 when I came home after a tougher than necessary 10 mile run and promptly threw up.  And then a few days later I walked in the house after dropping Stella off at school and again threw up.  The next day I had a migraine.  Fun times.  Here I am pushing my body harder than ever as I train for the Marine Corps Marathon and yet I hadn't cleaned up my act enough to stomach the work.

Line drawn.  Over the past year I'd gone from the occasional beer or wine with dinner to the routine 1-2 drinks as soon as the clock struck 5pm.  I like routine and having a few drinks each night had become my routine.  But as suddenly as it became routine, I've decided to stop it.  Less alcohol, coffee, soda, and sugar.  I'm replacing it with lots of water, electrolytes, protein rich recovery smoothies, and simple, healthy meals.

Then wouldn't you know like magic in a few days time I'm feeling remarkably better before, during, and after training runs.  Today I logged 7 miles at 8 minute mile pace.  I felt great afterwards and it makes me want to keep fueling my body more positively.

Improving my wellness also has me cleaning up the house.  Stella's closet is now prime with colorful Spring dresses, our bedroom cable/DVR is no more, and I even got Bodhi in the mix with a quick jog yesterday.  Spring is a great time for renewal and it's happening for me right now in mind, body, and spirit.  Feelin' good!