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On the daily....all you can do is what you can do. - Betsy Poos


Stacey, Darren, BetsyDarren Rhodes, Stacey and I had just spent four full days together leading our studio's teacher training program. As I drove Darren back to the airport the last morning he asked me if I liked nicknames. I do. My legal name of Elizabeth is a family name and therefore my parents endowed me also with my nickname - Betsy - from the beginning. These days I especially treasure that my mom gave me the name of her grandmother and in the same breath gave me my own unique presence with my nickname.

Nicknames show a depth of knowing and love, so yes I like them, and it meant a lot to me for Darren to say hey I think Bet-surya-sy (bet surya see) fits you. A sure bet. Supreme Sun. Intuitive.

Jason and I have often joked that if my yoga gig drys up my next career will be that of private investigator. I am intuitive and a good read of people, and to further that I know when I am straying and not playing into my intuition. Those are the moments that come back to bite.

I've had a few of those bite me moments when it comes to yoga. The you can bet on me piece of that nickname is a great spin to say I'm pretty darn solid and direct. One aim of my yoga practice is to be as soft as I am hard. The aim to unite and balance sun and moon energy within me - Hatha Yoga indeed. In retrospect each time I weigh heavy towards the moon I get burned. Now I've learned that to showcase my sun does indeed strike the right balance and more authentically dial in the moon.

So here's Darren endearing to me that these are the qualities within me that he sees and that he favors. That conversation was held more than a month ago and I've reflected back on it often. The nickname tells me Darren has my back. He is not just teaching. He is intently listening. Thank you D. I work with this daily.