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Tile Floors

The house I grew up in had tile floors in the living room which made for the perfect dance floor.  Every evening as I returned home from dance class I'd request - no insist - that my mom, brother, and stepfather have a seat to watch the new steps I'd learned that day.  I worked tirelessly to improve my dance technique and performance quality.  The precision and expertise of each step were important and translated into confidence in my art form.  I hoped my work could bring joy to others, most of all my family.  And I think it did. When I began practicing yoga in 1999 it was a very different journey.  The work really was all for me, and even as I began to share yoga as a teacher the process was still quite personal.  This was theraputic and necessary, but in the past few years I noticed I was holding myself back in not stepping into my full resume.  This journey is a lifelong one, but it's neccessary to stand on that tile floor on a daily basis to share my gifts.

From October 2014 to February 2015 Stacey and I taught and mentored an inspiring group of women through our 200 hour yoga teacher training program.  This was the second of its kind at the studio, but for the first time I did not hesitate to know I do indeed have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in my field as a hatha yoga teacher of over a decade.  I am excited to watch and continue to mentor these women.  It's an amazing accomplishment for me to feel confident that I have the tools, the wisdom, and the compassion to continuing offering them more.

I joked with the group during the training that I was happy to have apprentices in my class, but it was usually a short stay.  The under skin of that being that I wasn't sure what they had to gain from me.  No longer - please stay and learn.  I have so much to share.