All you can do blog

On the daily....all you can do is what you can do. - Betsy Poos


I'm making some changes to my family and professional routine this summer.  My students will most notice that I'm letting go of my long held Saturday morning classes at my studio come September.  From the outside this change may seem abrupt, but the decision to change has been painstakingly slow.  I've groveled, debated and struggled quite a bit over this, and then today I looked up the definition of evolve.  Evolve is a verb meaning to develop gradually. And there it was - my sign that this is going to work.  For me the word evolve is such a big magnanimous thing.  A thing that can feel untouchable, and to think this slow process I've been churning through for change is me evolving is pretty cool.

In so many ways the reflection of my Saturday morning yoga classes is a reflection of my life.  When we opened the studio I felt small and insecure as a teacher, as if only (self imposed) nepotism had me holding down this precious primetime teaching gig.  Over the first year I took a hard look at my reflection, and lets say I walked into the light as a confident yoga teacher and small business owner.

And then Stella came along and I struggled endlessly every Saturday morning to leave my family for two hours to teach.  I almost gave up then, but I didn't and I am better for it.  I have continously taught the Saturday morning yogis at our studio for more than 6 years.  So to make a change that affects my beloved students is just plain difficult.

My favorite quote has long been Gandhi's "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  The change I need at this moment is to alter the tide in my business and family relationships.  I am creating space to evolve to my best self.