All you can do blog

On the daily....all you can do is what you can do. - Betsy Poos

Somewhere in the middle

Hazy from a deep sleep in the coldest of winter days I awoke this morning to the Today Show blaring from my bedroom TV, the sound of my husband Jason showering and the unmistakable racket of my three year old Stella getting out of bed. The morning often starts this way.  I rouse last and later than I should before sleepily making my way downstairs to fill my coffee cup and let our dog out for his morning constitution.  Thanks to Stella's insistence to dress herself each morning I have about 10 minutes from when the racket starts to when she stomps herself downstairs to reveal her creation of the day.

There she is proudly displaying a purple and green playful dress I've prompted her to wear several times before, but always with a defiant, "no."  I smile.

School days give me 6.5 hours to do what it is that I do.  Today I need to get to Citibank, the post office, and Staples.  I must get out new student postcards, followup with possible new CPA, reply to customer voicemails and emails, bookkeeping tasks, make website changes, and a few dozen other things.

But today's list also included re-visit boundaries and start blog.  So here I am.  Wife, Mommy, Small Business Owner, yogi, aspiring marathoner, and now blogger.  I've been reluctant to write since I added mommy to my resume, scared that I'd not say enough or that I'd say too much.

Who knows, but here's to blurring the middle because as Stella says, "all you can do is what you can do."