Postpartum Wellness

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As a mom to two amazing girls and a Registered Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher, I understand the importance of the mom’s physical and emotional wellness. I also know it can be hard to know what to do or when to fit in exercise and self care after baby arrives. And that’s why I’m here for you!

Let me support you in your postpartum period. I will come to your home (zip codes 20002 & 20003) and create a personalized program with focus on pelvic floor health, safe core strengthening, opening chest and shoulders from all your baby cradling, overall strength and stretch, and best practices for what to do and not do as you venture out to group classes. Our sessions will bring in elements of yoga and general fitness.

Postpartum Mom Sessions are booked in a 4 pack of 30 minute sessions for $220. Your baby is welcome to be with us during the session.

Contact me at for questions and availability.


  • My husband got me a series of postpartum sessions with Betsy and it was the perfect gift! Starting at four weeks postpartum, Betsy came once a week to my home at a time that worked in my schedule and between nursing sessions, making it easy for me to focus on me and not my baby. She adapted each session according to how I was feeling that day and what we had worked on the previous week, incorporating cardio, strength, yoga, weights, and flexibility exercises. We even went outside on nice days! Not only is Betsy an excellent trainer, she's fun and relaxing to be around. I looked forward so much to our sessions that I added a few more onto the package. I can't recommend Betsy highly enough. As someone who relies on daily exercise to feel like myself, it's the perfect way to ease back into movement and fitness after having a baby. Hire her now! - Becca, Postpartum Wellness Client

  • Betsy's postnatal strengthening and pelvic floor sessions were an important first step to returning to wellness following the birth of my second child. I wanted a more gradual return to physical activity this time around and these sessions were perfect for me because they focused on pelvic floor rehabilitation, something that is much harder to find in workout or yoga classes. I know feel like I know something beyond just doing kegels. I loved that Betsy came to my home because I probably wouldn't have made it to these sessions if they were at a studio. Even as a longtime yogi, I found it valuable to have an instructor correct poses. I feel much more prepared to start more strenuous activity and returning to running now. Betsy is a wonderful teacher and is very comfortable soothing a crying baby. I'm so glad I took this time for myself and definitely recommend for other new moms. - Paige, Postpartum Wellness Client

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